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What is Pikaringer?

Wotagei (ヲタ芸, meaning "Otaku Arts") is a style of performance commonly seen at Japanese idol concerts. Developed as a way to show support for on-stage performers, wotagei has taken on a life of its own in the otaku scenes across Japan. Glowsticks in hand, geeks and nerds of all ages dance the night away to their favourite songs!

Pikaringer is a girls wotagei unit performing at events in Osaka, Kyoto and beyond! Born from the Dameruto☆project (a showcase for bands, idols, artists and DJs), we show up at everything from underground idol events, to the world of anime song DJ events and beyond!

Right now, wotagei is mostly a male-dominated hobby, but Pikaringer strives to not only dazzle you with a performance unique to Japan, but also show that wotagei is something everyone can enjoy, regardless of gender!

Sometimes, we're called the "Messengers of Light", and other times, we're called "Performer Killers", but whatever you call Pikaringer, one thing is certain:

This ain't your typical wotagei unit!!

Pikaringer's Members


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